Fit for a Princess

Welll, if you look to the right, we now are in the 30's as far as the countdown goes! Im still not nervous, just extremely excited and trying my hardest to stay happy and positive! Here are a few pictures of the princess' room.. im just in love with it. It's very peaceful looking/feeling and just so so cute. Im sure she'll love it :)

...and then.. the belly. It's really getting so so soooooo big. Last time i measured myself around i was 46 inches. At my dr's appt last week i hadn't gained any more weight and i truly hope it stays that way!! Im sure i'll gain a few more pounds, considering they expect atleast a 1lb a week gain from this point till the end.. but i'd like to keep it to a minimal! I've gained about 19-20 lbs so far which seems pretty good to me. Im so grateful im not one of the girls who gains 40+ my first pregnancy! However, if i had a huge appetite like alot of my pregnant friends i know, i probably would have. Yikes! Thank you body (and baby!) for being good to me thus far :) Im still feeling pretty comfortable, though i do have my days of feeling soooo huge and wanting this growing process to stop and her to be out of me already! Only 39 days left my dear.. and that's if she stays until my due date. Im really thinking that she'll come a few days to a week early. Cant wait to meet her and kiss her chubby chubby face and big juicy lips. Love you, babygirl!!



Ok, yes... i do feel like a "tank"... however the topic of "tank" is referring to my little (LARGE) one! I've been having contractions here and there lately, so was checked and everything is a-ok. Cervix is still closed and the baby is healthy! This morning, i had an ultrasound and left SUPER excited. Reason? 1. As you can tell from the pictures, she has her daddy's lips! They are just huge, so pouty, and cute! This first picture and the one of her profile is exactly what Saia looks like.. especially when he sleeps! They are going to be twins, i cant wait!! 2. the ultrasound tech confirmed (and showed me) that she will infact be born with lots of hair. She pointed to some white area's on the screen while doing my scan and said see that? Thats all her hair! :) 3. She is a TANK! As of today, i am exactly 33 weeks, however she is measuring 36 weeks and 3 days. She's already over 5 lbs and expected to gain more weight of course in the next month and a half. I am SO excited to have a little chunk! I'll definatly be returning most of her "newborn" sized outfits this weekend and exchanging them for 3 months. The ultrasound tech said she'll probably be born close to 9 lbs. NINE! I did ask her to check for her "girl parts" to assure me that she's still a girl, no confusion. Well............... apparently because she's so squished inside of me, we were unable to see her girl parts. Sad day.. but i'll just keep thinking that first ultrasound was 100% accurate and she'll come out a girl. Saia still thinks for some reason that the baby will be a boy.. well, he wishes ;) I am so happy and excited to meet this little angel of ours! We have just about everything ready for her. Next post, i'll be sure to put up pictures of her little nursery thats coming along great. Thank you all for your love and support! We appreciate it!!