Three Days

Three days left until my due date... yet it doesn't seem like there is an end! I feel that i'll be pregnant fooooorever more. I feel like i'll still be going to work every week for the longest time & i'll just continue to feel this little girl kicking away inside of me. WHEN will she really come?? Im thinking maaaaybe next wed-thurs? However, im hoping for yesterday ;) Here are a few pictures of me lately.. growing and growing and GROWING! :/ ugh.. im done being large! ((ps happy 25th annivesary to my parents yesterday!! love you both so much))

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppyyyy Halloween!
My friend Heather made these super cute tyedye onesies & socks for the baby!!
^37 weeks....
^38 weeks...
^39 weeks 2 days :)