Im so hungry!

Don't you hate being SO hungry, and having lots of food in the pantry, but NOTHING interests you? Me too. Thats where i'm at right now! But no, this isn't the reason for blogging. So lets get to that! Anyway, I've been making our yearly (this is only year two, but we have a zillion to go!) yearbook for Christmas time. Last year the book I made was specifically for Saia. It was ALL about him & lyric, and the words on the pages (that went along with the pictures) were the Lyrics to "In my Daughters Eyes" by Martina McBride. WHICH I LOVE. It turned out SO perfect, that I decided i'm going to make one each year! Not just for Saia, but for our family. The days of getting pictures printed to show off is LONG past. With all the social media sites that people are into these days, there's really no reason to go print a picture to show someone. They can just go online. Free and easy! And ontop of that, I cant tell you HOW MANY boxes my mom has of pictures of my brother & I aaaand they're just sitting there. Waiting for any natural disaster to come along and erase all of them! Pretty depressing. I love looking at old photo's from when I was a baby, though. And I remember bringing pictures to school when I was younger as part of a project or something having to do with ME! So these books just seem perfect. They'll always be kept out of reach of greasy little fingers and messy mouths :) So hopefully one day as my children get older, they'll enjoy looking at these "yearbooks" their mommy made! Ok.. moving along.. So as i was saying, i've been making this book and going through our zillions of pictures I have of Saia & I with our children. I LOVE IT. I love looking at pictures, but at the same time it's really got me wondering why time is flying by so fast! Not only that, but why are my babies growing right before my eyes and I'm not even really realizing it? I mean yes I realize it, but DANG have they grown! So here's a little trip down memory lane from just this year. From January until December. I love the changes in our family, and how much love we all share. I am reminded each day of how blessed I am to have such a loving and HARD working husband who supports our little growing family. He's the greatest.. and nothing makes me happier than him coming home from work and the kids running (and crawling) so fast, straight into his arms. That's their daddy! Their hero.