Life with three

My name is Andrea Vainuku,  and I am a mother of three.

What?? I am still adjusting to the sound of it. Still getting used to someone asking "is this your first?" And replying with "no, he is my third" :) HOWEVER, I must say, life is GOOD! Adding another child to your family is always a little nerve wracking, and has you wondering how life will change, but it's actually been rather smooth for me! Baby Vita is one week old today, and though I clearly remember life before he was born, I cannot imagine life now without him. He's still as perfect as he was one week ago today when they placed him in my arms. He nurses like a champ and is so easy going. He sleeps GREAT, and unlike my other two, he loves being swaddled. As much as I wished during my pregnancy that he was a girl, I am now so grateful he's not. He's just so cute and perfect, and no one could tell me otherwise.

As I said, adjusting has been way easier than I thought it would be. Vita and I got home from the hospital Wednesday, and Saia left town early Friday morning. For FOUR days. Though I was fine with him going, I was so scared at the same time. I had a million scenarios going through my head of getting nothing done, him coming home to the house a DISASTER, etc. I cried the whole way home from the airport. How was I going to take care of three kids? And Alone? Well let's just say it was NOTHING like I expected. Though the kids and I missed him terribly, things actually went fairly smoothly! Not only that, but I had time to clean! I deep cleaned the bathroom and our room as well. Lundry done! He came home to a clean kitchen, too. I am so impressed with myself, haha. All of that done with a two year old, one year old and newborn. Yes, I am superwoman, or that's at least how I felt.

Saia, by the way, was in Chicago for a rugby game. That kid is always going fun places, I swear! I'm glad, though, because he is truly such a hard worker, so when he has trips that he's able to take, I love for him to go and enjoy himself. He deserves it. He returned home late last night and though the kids haven't seen him yet, I know they will be SO excited when he's home from working today. Lyric always asks for daddy morning noon and night. She's such a daddy's girl.. And I love it!

Anyway, it's time I wrap this up. I have a peacefully sleeping baby in his swing and two crazy ratchet children who are in their beds SUPPOSED to be napping, but all they're doing is laughing and talking back and forth. Who could complain? I've had about 30 minutes so far to myself. Tv is off and I'm just enjoying everything around me. LIFE. IS. GOOD.


I got my trash kicked!


So here I am, sitting in a hospital bed with a perfect, brand new baby by my side :) I keep thinking "wow, he is finally here!" I am absolutely in love with him. He makes up for the hell I went through last night and this morning, though its something I won't forget for a long long time. Lets just call it the perfect birth control because I by NO means want to go through all of that again!

Anyway, yesterday I had my drs appt at 1:45. I actually saw a nurse practitioner instead of my dr, but that was fine. She was extremely sweet. She checked my cervix and let me know I was a loose 4. Cool! Up one cm from last week. I then asked her to strip my membranes and lets just say she did a great job! If it wasn't for that uncomfortable procedure, I'm almost positive I'd still be home and pregnant right now. After the appt my mom and I took the kids to the park to walk around and hopefully get things started! It totally worked. It was a fun day at the park with the kids and pretty much as soon as I got home, the contractions began. Nothing painful or consistent, it just got uncomfortable here and there. Anyway by 9 I was noticing they were 6 minutes apart, then eventually about 4. Saia and I showered then headed for the hospital. Poor guy was so tired from work! As soon as we got into my l&d room, he was on the couch wrapped up in his blanket and O.U.T. He did at least let me know to wake him up if I needed him. Anyway, I was having regular contractions monitored at 5 min apart, but my cervix wasn't dilating anymore than a 4. The nurse spoke with my dr who decided to keep me there, because he was sure I was just in early labor, AND considering how fast my last labor and delivery was, they didn't want to send me home in fear I'd have the baby there. Anyway! So I closed my eyes and got as much sleep as I could. Because I had my other two at around 3:30, I was hoping for the same with this one. Well, clearly he wasn't ready but by about 6, I could tell I'd progressed. My contractions were really uncomfortable and I was having to breathe slowly through them. I asked for some pain medicine and whatever it was they gave me I did NOT like. Sure it helped with pain for the first 20 minutes, but then just left me feeling SO drugged to where all I could do was fall asleep! I'd be mid sentence with the nurse, then fall asleep out of no where. The drug started with a D I believe, and didn't wear off until HOURS after delivery. I had the same thing with lyric and definitely won't be going that route again!

So anyway, around 7-8 my dr came in and broke my water. I was already 8cm. I had asked about the epidural and they assured me that I'd have time to get it before delivering. The contractions sped up and intensified big time. I knew that the epidural wasn't going to kick in before I had this baby, but I thought I'd just have a little faith in the nurses words. FAITH MY ASS. I got the epidural, and though it numbed my legs completely, I felt everything from the groin area up... Which hello that's where I'd be feeling it anyway, even without that epidural. WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE. I wanted to cry and scream but could do neither. I just wanted to escape so badly. Saia was looking at me clueless as to what to do, and obviously there was nothing. I was being touched and moved by the nurses and though I stuck in a please when I said don't touch me, it was clear I wasn't a happy camper! I told the anesthesiologist that it wasn't working and he said he'd try and move it so I'd feel it working in that area. Well at that time I was getting another contraction, and he was trying to have me lean over. OUCH. I squeezed out "wait....." And he didn't listen. Then sternly I remember saying WAIT. PLEASE. Because it was just too much to bear at that point. I felt bad for feeling so ugly towards him, but at the same time I was hurting. Also, I'm sure things that are a lot worse have been yelled at him before haha. 

After another failed attempt of fixing the epidural, it was time to push. Between the D drug that had me falling asleep and my legs that were BEYOND numb, I felt I had no energy to push and it started scaring me. I was truly having flashbacks of feeling the same way before being told I had to c section with lyric. It was 8:45am and I started thinking of lyric and Luve at home, who would be waking up shortly. I HAD to do this. For me, and for them. I couldn't be away from them for 3 days in the hospital. I missed them already. After 13 minutes, 4 long pushes and lots of "he's right there, and has tons of hair!" Speeches, he was out. I've never felt such relief. The pain instantly started to disappear. They laid him on my stomach after suctioning his nose and mouth and had saia cut the cord. He was all slimy and bloody but still so cute. I couldn't wait for the nurses to wash him off so I could really see him. He was born at 9am even, weighing 8lb and 21" long. He looked JUST like lyric as a newborn.  We love him.


Today could be the day...

...or next week, or the 21st.

BUT WHAT IF ITS TODAY? Oh my. Imagine that! Am I ready to meet him? Is everything ready for him? Wellllllll no, not quite, but it could be! I've washed the car seat but need to put it back together, I've prepared his little pack & play bassinet but need to get some blankets in there for him. I need to buy some NB diapers, too, but those are all things Saia could do before we come home. I'm getting back in the excited phase :) so excited to see and meet him!

So Thursday I had an ultrasound. This kids head is measuring at 41 weeks. I'm sorry, WHAT..? Not cool. The rest of him was measuring a little over 38, so needless to say, if he goes full term he's gonna be a big boy! For the sake of my girl parts, I hope he comes sooner. I had the ultrasound tech check if he still has his boy parts or if by some miracle he was actually a she, and maybe the last ultrasound picked up the cord or a thumb between the babies legs. Well, he's definitely a boy and had absolutely no shame showing off his boy parts! Hopefully one day ill have another girl. At least one. My princess needs a sister. And I want them to be close friends. Sadly they'll be at least 5 yrs apart if my next is a girl. I'm waiting at least two years to have another! I need no kids in diapers before adding another! We shall see. That was my plan after Luve but obviously that didn't turn out as anticipated. :)

Anyway, Friday I had my actual drs appt. The dr went over the ultrasound results with me, confirming he would be a bigger baby, and said he needed to do the culture test or something. Basically that strep b check. I had it with lyric but didn't with Luve... So it's a toss up whether I will this time around or not. Well while he was down under he said he'd check if I was dilated, and I was shocked to hear that I was already 3cm! 1 day short of 37 weeks and already to a 3! My cervix is thinned and baby is pretty low, so labor is near! I know all pregnancies are different, but with lyric and Luve both, I was only 1 1/2 cm before going into labor. With lyric I was admitted to the hospital at about 4cm and was dying in pain. With Luve, my water broke (well, had a tear and was leaking slowly as well as gushed once - which I thought was all the water, until the dr broke it the rest of the way at the hospital and the floods were released!) and anyway, I was almost 6cm feeling NO pain or contractions at all. It was wonderful :) I'm hoping for the same this time around. So my dr told me Friday that he would not be on call this weekend, and if I went into labor he can't guarantee my vbac we have planned. So to say the least, I was lazy and didn't move much all weekend. I did not want to risk going into labor and having some woman dr tell me I had to have a c section because she wasn't comfortable delivering a vbac. That irritates me as it is. This is my second vbac, so I've already proven that my body can do it. Why do they even consider the second one a vbac? Maybe they should say vbavbac. Technically that's what it is. Whatever. Had I gone into labor I would have told the lady to move aside and my husband will catch the child lol. WOOOO GET READY SAIA! Just kidding. But truly I would refuse a csection UNLESS of course it was because something was going wrong with myself or the baby.

So anyway that's my story. Today ill be walking laps.... Around Walmart, eating spicy food and pineapple and bouncing on my yoga ball. I won't be surprised if I go into labor tonight. Oh also I've been waiting because saia has tomorrow off, so it'd just be easier to have he baby a day he's already off. Just less to worry about. I'd hate to go into labor while he's at work and have to try and contact him there to come home early etc. too much of a hassle! So cross your fingers and toes people of the Internet, and send me lots of good luck for a fast healthy and easy delivery.. Hopefully soon.


Why am I so nervous?

Being that I'm currently pregnant with baby #3, you'd think I'd be more relaxed, right? Well I'm not! With Lyric, she was of course my first and I had no idea what I was in for. Sure I read PLENTY and heard even more stories and advice from family and friends, but because I knew every situation was different, I knew I couldn't really imagine what my labor/delivery would be like. Boy, wasn't that the truth! A 23+ hr labor, 8 hrs of pushing and an emergency c section were truly never in my thoughts! Neither was the severity of the pain. With Luve, my second, I was SO focused on having a successful VBAC that I had no time to worry about anything else. I was overly determined to have him vaginally, knowing how hard the recovery from a c section would be especially having lyric at home. It just wasn't an option in my heart or mind. Through the power of prayer which included my determined heart, I delivered him VBAC about 2 1/2 weeks before his due date. When he came out I honestly was kind of out of it, focussing more on the fact that he was born vaginally and we were BOTH safe and healthy rather than the fact that my brand new baby boy was just born, laying there on my chest. Then I had to get that placenta out. GROSS.

So anyway, this time around, I'm freaking out and SO nervous! I hesitate taking the kids for a walk around the block incase my water breaks and I go into labor, and I'm even super careful while playing horsey with lyric (I'm the horse, duh lol) because what if my water breaks!! Lol it's all I focus on. Hello, Andie, it's gonna happen one way or another. It's like I'm putting it off. Partially because during this pregnancy I've developed a REALLY weak stomach and truly anything labor related makes me want to gag! But the other huge part is because I am about to meet this little guy! Another little person that Saia and I have created. WE are about to meet our third child, our second son. Will we be what he expects? I'm so nervous. He has chosen us, this I know, but will we live up to all he wants and needs? What is he going to look like, sound like, will he be a great sleeper like his brother and sister? (Fingers crossed lol). I'm almost as nervous as I would be on the first day of going to a new school, or starting a new job, not knowing anyone there. I'm going to meet this little guy who has been kicking me like CRAZY in my ribs the past month and tucking his tiny feet under there, which is obviously comfortable for him, but not so much for me. Is he going to be a little rascal? What is he going to like? HOW ARE LYRIC AND LUVE GOING TO REACT? So many questions. That is another thing I wonder, how will my two babies NOW react and respond to him? Lyric loves babies, but those babies aren't ours. They don't have to share constant attention, and don't stay forever. She's had to share Saia and I with Luve since she was 14mo, but she was so young then she had no idea what was going on. Not to mention she really couldn't stand the kid and All his crying haha. Getting her to take a picture holding him was SO far out of the question. She would push his head until he was off of her. Luckily now she understands being gentle and nice, so I know I won't have to worry about that. LUVE on the other hand, where do I start? He is 14mo now just as lyric was when he was born, but he's SUCH a mummy's boy. So attached to me and so jealous when he doesn't get attention. He's the kid who cries/whines when I leave him to go to the bathroom, even though its only for 2 minutes. Lyric is so independent and could care less. She'll just play until I get back. Luve tends to be pretty clingy and though he loves his independence as well, he's really into climbing on me and just being close. I make him happy which I love. There is no greater joy than feeling love from your child. Truly. And unfortunately I'm now getting a little teary eyed. My little boog is gonna have to share me with someone else. I shouldn't be feeling guilt, because his feelings will be temporary and he will learn to love his baby brother, but I can hardly help it. As a mother you want your children to always be happy. I just hope he adjusts well.. And not to mention, I hope this new little guy adjusts well to his brother and sister as well. My prayer is that they all grow up super close, and watch over/protect each other.

I can't believe I will soon have three children. THREE.

Saia comes from a family of 12. Yes, 12 kids. Same beautiful mom and same great dad. I still try and comprehend it. Anyway, he's used to a big family. Of course this is new as we have three kids of our own now, that WE created and that WE are responsible for, but none the less, he's used to lots of people being around. Well, I have one brother. Juuuuust one. So it was always only the two of us. I never had to "share" with a sister, or anything like that. We were very much our own people with our own rooms, things and friends. The only things we shared were arguements ;) just kidding. But anyway, I'm now breaking out of the "family of four" mold. I'm having more kids than my parents did! I think this adds to my worry about baby #3. Only because I'm not sure what to expect.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I'm excited to meet this little guy and can't wait to show him off to the world. I'm grateful for the family Saia and I have, and am so grateful we are being blessed with another little soul.



More and more progress lately! I'm so impressed with my babies, and so happy that things are rolling semi smoothly as well. This past weekend I began putting lyric in her big girl loft bed. I was so afraid that she would fall off the bed, or be afraid to sleep somewhere else other than her crib, but it was such an easy/smooth transition! She's been sleeping up there every night and nap since. So yesterday was her fourth night and I figured its time to try and get Luve into their (now) shared room and into lyrics old crib. Wellllllll the kid cried for a good 25 minutes before falling asleep. It was a little rough but I knew he was tired and would eventually fall asleep. He did and I was then able to get lyric into her bed for the night. Our goal is obviously that once Luve is comfortable sleeping in there, that ill be able to put them down for bed at the same time. Hopefully soon!

Now lets fast forward to today. Well first lets start by saying that my kids generally sleep till 9-9:30. YES I REALIZE HOW EXTREMELY LUCKY I AM! Anyway, on days saia works, I usually wake Luve up with us around 5:45 to change his diaper and fill his bottle for him. I think that's what carries him over to 9:30 in the mornings. So this morning I figured since I wasn't going to do that, he would probably wake up early.. And wake up lyric as well. Welp! I was right! He woke up about 8:15, which isn't bad at all, but still earlier than normal. S they were both up. NOW fast forward to 11:30, nap time. I put Luve down and surprisingly there was no crying like we went through last night. 30 min later, I put lyric up on her bed. I closed the door and was shocked realizing how easy this has been! But then, the giggling began. Lyric started laughing and saying wake up bubba! Because she's in a loft bed up high, she can clearly see into his crib. She obviously wants to play! So now, 20 minutes later, I'm still listening to them in there. Do I leave them to fall asleep, or should I go fill their drinks and put them back down? I think it's quite funny and cute, just hearing the little babbling conversations they're having. It is funny and cute, but won't be either of those this afternoon if they don't get some sleep now! Lord help me.

Once this little hurdle is done, potty training here we come! Wish us luck :) 16 days until baby #3 joins our family! Xo


He's getting there!!

So Luve turned one January 12th. Honestly, walking was at that point NO WHERE in the near future.   It kind of made me sad! Well actually it made my body sad, especially being so far in my pregnancy and knowing I'd still have to carry this 23+ lb baby around! So anyway, yesterday, feb 28th, he took his first steps ALL by himself! He truly didn't even realize it until he had taken about 4 steps, and after those 4 he leaned down and crawled away. Then a few times later that day he did the same thing! We are so proud of him, and my back thanks him. :) he's not an independent walker, but seeing THAT in our future makes me so excited. Especially knowing we are expanding our family within the next three weeks! Another little milestone we have finally crossed is waving and clapping! Well he's been waving for a few weeks now but just today at lunch he started clapping right along with lyric & I! So proud. My baby is growing up! Anyone who knows Luve  knows he has this funny personality. He chooses when someone is worth his time, laughs, etc. everything is on HIS watch. He's very observant and is obviously taking his time in life. I can respect that! ;) he does totally pull the "baby" card though. Anyone else would think he's oblivious to the things I say, because he plays them all off, but I'm no fool! Mama knows best. He totally understands me when I  say no, though he pretends to have no idea. I love this little character toooooo much. He's such a mama's boy and I already know he's gonna have a hard time when his brother arrives in only a few weeks.

On another not so positive note, lyric isn't potty trained, and Luve is still sleeping in our room. Ahh! I really need to fix all of that ASAP! After all, there are only 3 weeks left (if I make it that long!) until we add another little blessing to the mix. I need to get it over with now, before I struggle once baby #3 arrives and I have 3 in diapers and these kids still haven't adjusted to sharing a room. Prayers are totally welcome.