well well well!

Well HELLOOOOOO there. Your girl has UPGRADED! Gah-lee... FINALLY. So yes, im on my laptop, yes the one that lyric broke like a year ago. By broke, i mean cracked the screen. So it's finally fixed. I never really saw it as a necessity, or super important to get fixed. Especially because we have the iPad... but having it back is wonderful! We're in our new place, and finally have our internet and Dish set up as well. Thats what i mean by i've been UPGRADED. Halleluiah! I feel whole and human and connected to the world again. My phone service at the house SUCKS, so pinterest wasn't an option, facebook would work on occasion if i was lucky and blogging just wasn't an option at all. Im back and it feels so good :)

Well things around here are ok, nothing too new. I dont know exactly where i left off at, but were in a house of our own now, and its perfect for us. Im still in the decorating phase, and that'll probably last a whole year or so until it's where i want it! Patience is key i guess. Everything is coming along great, even though the only thing hanging on my walls right now is a picture of Jesus. What better place to start though, right? I need to get the kids pictures taken so I can get crafty and make some of those fake canvas things on wood to go behind our couch, thats something im so excited to do! Hopefully it comes out great, and not a project to add to the "nailed it" folder! ;)

The kids are doing great.. Lyric will be 3 in a little over 2 months and I still cant believe it! Luve will be 2 in January and baby Vita will be 1 in March. Lyric is currently obsessed with movies, watching learning video's on youtube, singing, dancing, being bossy, singing her ABC's, playing rough with her daddy and she LOVES being outside. She'd be a camper if she could, I swear. She just loves being outside, and if this fricken weather would cooperate (not be 100+ each day) then i'd love to be out them with them all day! But unfortunately it's just way too hot, so we go out in the morning before that sun gets too strong :) Luve is a little rascal/terror. Yes it's that serious. He is just constantly into EVERYTHING. I guess he's just the typical 1 1/2 yr old child, which Lyric never was. She was always cautious, which this little boy is definitely not! He is always falling or jumping off the couch, book shelf, his bed, pretty much anything he can be crazy with, he is. If doing something will give me a heart attack, he does it. Actually he specializes in it! Other than being crazy, he's been good lately about eating new things (he was SO picky before) and he loves "singing" along when he hears a song he loves... usually "cheer up charlie" from Willy Wonka. They're obsessed. He's still not really talking,.......... ok not talking at all. Lyric was the same, she didn't say anything till she was about 2 so im hoping he comes around sooner than later! He still has a few months i suppose :) We love this little guy. Baby Vita is just the cutest squishiest HAPPIEST baby around! I cant get enough of him. He is SO easy going. He's happy just chillin on the floor watching his older brother and sister. He thinks they are HILARIOUS. I can make the kid smile, but his deep belly laughs come from watching Lyric and Luve just play and be silly. They are both SO good with him, always (well usually) cautious and love giving him kisses. I love that they are all so close in age and will hopefully grow up watching over and protecting eachother.

Anyway - thats about all thats going on here. I'll start taking pictures more often so I can update the blog with pictures of my little heart beats. I sure do love them!

...till next time...