Goooood afternoonT! Said in my madea voice. Well life has been great lately! I've been on this journey he past few years of learning to accept things as they are and trust and have FAITH that they're happening for a reason. I have always struggled but truly, I've given it up lately to the universe. When something is thrown my way, IT IS WHAT IT IS! No fighting it. Things are coming and going, things are working and some things aren't, but regardless it is what it is!

So anyway! I just read my last post about running a 5k and honestly I don't even remember writing that 😂 hahaha oops! Well I'm still doing well with my working out! For the most part atleast. So since this is my blog, I guess I can get personal, right? Well, most of my "teenage/adult" life I've been over weight. I was typically between 180-195. After having lyric I dropped to 178 which was crazy, but 5 months later I was pregnant with luve and bc I got married and stopped working, I just gained weight like crazy! 3 babies in 3 years was just crazy and so hard on my body bc I was so lazy! Going into labor with luve I was 228 and I was 229 with vita. Leaving the hospital after having vita I lost I think 5 lbs which is so embarrassing bc I swear your placenta and baby weighs more than that! At my 6 week PP appointment, i was still around 224. I was SO EMBARASSEDDDD. You can't even imagine! Well up until about a month ago I was STUCK at 218... Mostly because  nothing changed! Well I'm happy to say that today I'm at 203! Sure I'm still extra large, haha, but I'm on my way down! I've been eating completely clean and working out 3-4 days a week. I have STRUGGLED with drinking enough water but decided to change that today! I'll be happy drinking 5 water bottles a day. I'm sure I could use more but 5 is my goal and once I get there easily, I'll step it up and lift my goal. I told Saia I am NOT going to Utah anytime soon! Not until I'm atleast 15-20lbs lighter haha but I've seriously been loosing about 3-4 lbs a week or more and am so proud of myself! I love that Saia has been so encouraging as well. He knows I don't want to be skinny, I just want to be healthy and STRONG. Those are most important to me. I want to run around with my kids without being out of breath! Having children has seriously just changed my life and outlook on living! I know I need to take care of my body so I can take care of theirs! I want them to see what hard work and dedication will get you, and that being healthy is important.

So anyway, hopefully the next time you hear from me I'll be 10lbs (or more) lighter! And hopefully it's not in 3 months lol. Here's to a happier healthier ME.