Pregnancy :)

Let me first just begin by saying that this blog will be about me and my family. As of now - that consists of this unborn baby & I. Where to start...

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant expecting a pretty little girl! I cannot believe how fast time has flown. I believe it was March when i found out. I had two identical back to back dreams about taking a pregnancy test and the test being positive. I woke up right after that second dream needing to use the restroom so badly! I checked the time and it was around 4am. I ran to the restroon, took the teset and sat there as the lines began to show. First one, then the second slowly came up. I didn't know if i was really seeing two lines, or if i was half asleep with my mind playing tricks on me! Well, there were definatly two lines. Saia came over a few hours later before work, as usual, and i shared the news with him. A few weeks later i had my first doctors appointment and a few weeks after that we had the first ultrasound. The baby was the tiniest little jellybean i think i've ever seen! It was amazing to see it on the screen. My baby. Heart beating and all.

I do feel lucky to have felt great through pretty much my entire pregnancy. I did get morning sickness about a handful of times.. but quickly realized that i could prevent that by eating something right before bed the night before. The only other issue is HEARTBURN!! Boy oh boy do i get it bad! Pepcid Complete tablets have without a doubt become my best friend :)

20 weeks pregnant

24 weeks pregnant

28 weeks pregnant
29 weeks pregnant

The moment of truth.. boy or girl??


I wanted a little girl from the start, but because of saia's desire for this baby to be a boy, i became 'ok' with the thought of having a little boy, and eventually i just felt like the baby WAS a boy. Saia would rub my stomach and call the baby 'Junior' allllllll the time. So when the ultrasound technician asked if i wanted to know the sex of the baby, i of course said yes! She said "she's a girl! no doubt about it.." and i cried one little tear. I was just so happy to have a pretty princess.

I've been able to feel her move since i was about 16 weeks along - and boy is she FIESTY! I would push on my stomach and she would be so quick to push right back! She's a wiggle worm, too. When i had my ultrasound done at 16 weeks to determine the sex of the baby, she kept kicking the scanner thing that the ultrasound tech uses to see the baby. These days she truly feels like a powerful octopus. She is wiggling, turning, kicking and punching ALL over the place. Some days she sits super high up in my belly and others she's alot lower. I love waking up to her kicks and feeling them throughout the whole day :) My next doctors appointment will be on September 7th and i cannot wait to hear that heartbeat again. Her due date, by the way, is November 8th and im hoping she holds out until then! I feel so blessed to be healthy and able to work to prepare for her. I am SO excited for november to come and be able to hold and kiss her pretty face. Saia has been very good about supporting me when it comes to this little girl. Each time he comes and goes, he's sure to kiss my belly and tell her he loves her. *tear*.. it's so cute. haha :) We just recently put up her crib (well, he did & i watched) and today im going to *TRY* and tackle the job of putting together the changing table. The more things we have gotten for her, the more excited we are and the more REAL this is all seeming! I'll try my best to update as time goes on - especially with the next few doctors appointments and of course once she makes her grand arrival.

Until next time...