Im so hungry!

Don't you hate being SO hungry, and having lots of food in the pantry, but NOTHING interests you? Me too. Thats where i'm at right now! But no, this isn't the reason for blogging. So lets get to that! Anyway, I've been making our yearly (this is only year two, but we have a zillion to go!) yearbook for Christmas time. Last year the book I made was specifically for Saia. It was ALL about him & lyric, and the words on the pages (that went along with the pictures) were the Lyrics to "In my Daughters Eyes" by Martina McBride. WHICH I LOVE. It turned out SO perfect, that I decided i'm going to make one each year! Not just for Saia, but for our family. The days of getting pictures printed to show off is LONG past. With all the social media sites that people are into these days, there's really no reason to go print a picture to show someone. They can just go online. Free and easy! And ontop of that, I cant tell you HOW MANY boxes my mom has of pictures of my brother & I aaaand they're just sitting there. Waiting for any natural disaster to come along and erase all of them! Pretty depressing. I love looking at old photo's from when I was a baby, though. And I remember bringing pictures to school when I was younger as part of a project or something having to do with ME! So these books just seem perfect. They'll always be kept out of reach of greasy little fingers and messy mouths :) So hopefully one day as my children get older, they'll enjoy looking at these "yearbooks" their mommy made! Ok.. moving along.. So as i was saying, i've been making this book and going through our zillions of pictures I have of Saia & I with our children. I LOVE IT. I love looking at pictures, but at the same time it's really got me wondering why time is flying by so fast! Not only that, but why are my babies growing right before my eyes and I'm not even really realizing it? I mean yes I realize it, but DANG have they grown! So here's a little trip down memory lane from just this year. From January until December. I love the changes in our family, and how much love we all share. I am reminded each day of how blessed I am to have such a loving and HARD working husband who supports our little growing family. He's the greatest.. and nothing makes me happier than him coming home from work and the kids running (and crawling) so fast, straight into his arms. That's their daddy! Their hero.



OK.... have any of you ever gotten a hair cut that you hated?

.........lets start over...........

You know those stories you've heard about people who go in to the hair salon (or great clips, whatever fits your budget), and come out looking not so hot? Basically they ask for one thing and get another? Yeah, those stories are always so sad... but extremely hilarious. Well that was until today. Why you may ask?


So, my "salon" of choice was great clips. It fits in my budget! Not only that, but i just wanted something simple done, not anything too wild/crazy, nothing seemingly difficult, so great clips it was. I was ready! Bye Lyric & Luve, mama will be back looking FRESH!

Or so I thought.

So I walk in and was greeted by a nice young man. Typed in my phone # and said "Mrs Vainuku?" Yes thats me. Then a nice chubby lady said "i'm open, i'll do it!" (by the way, had my hair not come out the way it did, i wouldn't refer to her as 'chubby'.. but whatever. she deserves it!) Anyway - so I sit down and we start talking. I love going places with adults, because im able to have a nice sit down without kids everywhere, and enjoy some adult conversation. I let her know what i want done, and even show her a picture. "3 inches off the bottom, and lots of layers like this (shows picture)" Ok, sounds good! So she starts. She eventually says the length is all off now she will start the layers. She specifically said "it's going to look like alot of hair is gone, but dont worry, we're done with the length so no more of that will go."

EXCELLENT! She definatly knows what she's doing.

So we continue our conversation, she lets me know she graduated hair school in July.. July as in just a few months ago. *crickets* ok WHAT? Why would I get stuck with a lady who has been cutting hair for like 4 months? And my hair is as long as most peoples arms! Whatever, i told her "i have faith in you"... even though i was starting to sweat a little.


And then "we're all done!" then she says "so alot of times once customers get home and dry the hair, it doesn't look how they wanted. It looks great while wet but different once dry, so if there is something you dont like, just come back in and we'll fix it." Hmm.. made me a little nervous! I figured id pay, go home to my babies and figure out if I liked it then. After all, if I didn't like it, what would I have said? You suck!!!! No, that's just uncalled for. Or so I thought at the time. So I pay, and go to pull my hair up to a pony tail, and "whoa whoa whoa.... something is missing... for some reason my hair is WAY light and feels really short." Is what was playing through my head. I walked out of there, got into the car and headed the whole mile and a half home.

I CRIED. I dried my hair, and CRIED! This trick seriously cut like 9 inches off my hair. YES my hair was super long and probably TOO long, but its my hair. I paid for something I was supposed to like, what I asked for. Well... lets just say i have alot less hair now. Im even too embarassed to put up a picture. It doesn't look HORRIBLE to most im sure, but it's horrible. Just trust me. It barely under my chest. Im sure that's long to alot of people, but not me. My hair is seriously my security blanket. I have had long hair since probably the 7th grade after i cut it to my shoulders and it looked like a witches broom. WORST. MISTAKE. EVER. (never to be repeated!) So ever since then, i've had luxurious long locks! Frick you GREAT CLIPS!!


Next time maybe i'll just listen to my husband and let HIM cut my hair. Pretty sure it'd look better than what this lady did.



I know, I know.... I just posted an entry maybe.... 30 minutes ago? If even that. I guess my goal to be a better blogger is taking full effect! Just kidding. Kind of.

Anyway - the real reason I had the desire to blog wasn't to update "whoever" on my kids/family. Though thats the best reason in the world! What prompted me to hop back on here, is really the fact that i had a zillion and eight things going through my head about a certain subject, and had no where else to dump. No facebook, no social life, etc. (jk on the social life - but again only kind of).

Anyway! Take a wild guess what that certain "subject" is.... are you guessing? Or did you just guess it's about my title? Well ding ding if you got it right. It's about respect. Respect has a whole new meaning to my life lately. I've always been taught respect, to respect others as well as yourself, but lately i've been seeing such a LACK of respect, and im going nuts! Let me explain.....

So a few months back, I got rid of my facebook. I was basically tired of people complaining, and of comparing my life to the shining moments of others. What i mean by that is if i was having a crappy day, I would see that someone else's day was fantastic, they recieved flowers, they won the lottery, etc. Whatever. In truth, people generally only post the positive things going on in their life. Or atleast they want to draw the most attention to it. GREAT for them. And for me, when i have great days. BUT what it doesn't show is their crappy days. Crappy just like the one that maybe i happened to be having at the moment. The internet lies, man. Haha - sounds crazy but that is (in a nutshell) why i decided to erase my facebook. I've been happy without it, too. Sure there are moments i miss seeing what everyone is up to, seeing my friends children growing, etc. But then i realize i am where i need to be. Spending more time with my kids, not competing online.

Anyway! So a while after my break up with facebook, i hopped on Instagram. It's fun, just a bunch of friends who post pictures. Friends and Kim Kardashian. Is it necessary for her to post so many pictures of her serious, non smiling face? Truth is I dont mind. It's kind of fun to "follow" a couple celeb's and see what they're up to. The girls from Teen Mom too! Yes im a guilty watcher. Sue me. So Instagram is where i've seen all this LACK of respect going on. 3 words for you...


I dont even know if that makes complete sense, but thats about all i can come up with. There are so many celebrity's who post pictures online, and i CANNOT get over how negative people are. Like, unnecessarily negative. For example: teen mom Jenelle posts a picture of her new shoes. Cute. You expect people to respond with "cute shoes!" or "ehh.. not my fav"... whatever. What you DONT expect is for them to start bashing her life. "MAYBE you should be more concerned about your kid than your shoes"... another example - Snooki. Snooki posts a picture of herself and people respond with "dont you think you should be taking care of your kid rather than taking pictures of yourself? How do you have time to do all these things with a newborn" .... ok my argument or whatever right now seems pointless... just stay with me.... So anyway - those are rude comments and pretty unnecessary, right? Yes. Well THEN a little 15 year old comes in bashing the person who bashed the celeb with a "shut the (*^&( up you ignorant *&^*^ - go kill yourself"


She said... WHAT???????????????????

When the HELL did something like this become acceptable?? When did this start??? I honestly do remember bullies and being bullied a bit growing up. Sure. But to call someone out even just online, that you don't know, and not just that but to go so far to say "go kill yourself"?? I've at least come across that statement on Instagram over 10 times in the past week or so. And it's not like i fish through people's comments for it. It's just THERE. Everywhere. WHY are people so disrespectful and cruel? WHY and WHEN did a parent stop monitoring what their kids do? I would hope if these kids parents saw the way they were treating others, that something would be done. I know I am without a doubt NOT perfect, and I've said my fair share of mean things in my past. But go kill yourself?? Good lord. The majority of people i see saying this are females. Females to other Females. It happens with males too, but not as much (that I've seen). We've all heard of "cyber bullying" but i had absolutely NO idea it was this bad. I am sure 9 times out of 10 the person on the other side being called out doesn't care much, but what about the 1 person that does? What happened to respecting OURSELVES enough to not degrade someone? Where has society seriously gone? Other than "down the tubes" i have no way to describe it. What will it take for people to make a difference? Seriously. As a stay at home mom this makes me feel SO disconnected from Society, to be so shocked by something like this that maybe others just blow right past. But im SO glad I AM disconnected and not apart of it! I am ranting and raving it seems but it just makes me so sad. If females don't respect themselves and others, why would a man? I am terrified for my kids to grow up around all this garbage. I will be SURE to teach them right from wrong, respect, and will make SURE i am apart of their DAILY lives to not skip out on signs i shouldn't miss. I don't want my kids wrapped up in all the trash of today's world.

What happened to the world..........

Slow down, please.

Wow, has it really been over 9 months since i've updated? Im embarassed. Not because I write for anyone inparticular to read, but because this serves as a journal of some sort, and I haven't kept up with it. I haven't documented all the fun things we've done the past 9 months, haven't uploaded pictures, haven't expressed feelings, nothing! Sad. Well, as they say you cant change the past, but you can change the future. So here I am!! Well, where to start? The kids are seriously huge. Luve is turning 9 months in a few short days and Lyric will be 2 in about a month. WHAT?!?!?! Yes 2. I still remember her being born. I remember every single detail about her birth, my labor story, etc. I cannot believe my little diva is going to be two! Where on earth does time go? You know, i sat the other day watching TV or messing around on my phone and realized from what seemed like one second to the next, nearly 10 minutes had passed. It feels like time is going faster these days than it did when I was a carefree child. It scares me a little bit, because though I absolutely LOVE seeing my babies grow, i don't want them to grow forever. I want them to reach a certain age, then just stay there. All of us. I want to cherish every single second with them and our family in general. I don't want their lives to go as fast or even faster than mine did. I want this happiness to just last forever. I plan to make that happen. SO back to them being huge. Lyric is running, dancing, and singing all the time. She's our little diva, seriously. I love her personality and her love of what seems like everything. She is VERY independent, but has her moments of wanting to be snuggled (though they are rare). She is happy playing on her own but also loves other kids. She gets so excited just watching other kids in the neighborhood ride their bikes or interact with each other. She is truly heaven sent and I could never ask for a better little girl. She is perfect. I swear she's been this way since day 1! Luve, 8 months old, is ALL over the place. He crawls so fast and pulls himself up on everything! He is working on growing his 6th tooth! He loves eating, sleeping, being held and his sister. He seriously thinks lyric is THE funniest thing on earth. He's also extremely fascinated by our little dog who drives me insane. (that's a whole other story - we wont go there). Anyway - he is such a bundle of JOY! Generally a very happy baby, though he doesn't like when someone isn't paying attention. He's definitely not as independent as his sister, but that's just fine. He's perfect to us as well :) Saia & I just love watching them interact with each other. I love seeing them play and grow and cant wait for the years to come. Saia & I are both doing great. He is busy working and I'm of course busy with these two little characters. There are days I do go crazy and get stressed out, but then i realize I am extremely blessed to be home with them and be able to see all the fun things they do and learn. I LOVE being a stay at home mom! I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Well one more thing, we just got our tickets to go back to utah for a little vacation and family time, and we are so excited! I know Saia is home sick so he needs a good dose of family (and tongan food! haha) every few months. I also love to have our kids around all their cousins. We dont have lots of family here, so it's a fun treat for Lyric especially to get to play with all her cousins on her Daddy's side. I also am looking forward to cooler weather! This 90 degrees business is just not ok in October! I want to see the pretty fall leaves that turn the mountains all kinds of colors. I miss all of that SO much. And snow. Im not asking for snow while we're in Utah, but I do know we will eventually end up living back there and I cannot wait. I grew up in Hot Texas and didn't get to experience snow until I was an adult. I want my kids to have it, though. I want the warm fireplace inside and the snow falling outside. I want them to have it all :) Anyway - that's our current life in a nutshell. We are happy and blessed, and there isn't much more we could ask for.



I came across this giveaway on facebook, and after watching the video - i MUST HAVE THIS! I've been looking for double strollers not sure of which is best, but i swear this is a little piece of Heaven. Actually, probably a BIG piece! It seems to be the master of all strollers, better than sliced bread. Seriously. Fingers crossed i win this!!! Check out both sites :)




Day 1

Hospital Pictures :)


Nukuluve Paletu'a Vainuku

He's here, healthy.. and we love him!! He was born 1/12/12 at 3:56am 6lb 12oz and 20 inches of perfection! I want to document down my labor story (like most moms do!) so that i dont forget any small details as time passes.

Tuesday I called my dr to try and change my appt from thursday (the 12th) to that day (tuesday) in hopes of getting my membranes stripped ONE last time and hopefully something happening! I was so determined to not have a c-section. So we got in that day, had the procedure done, and went home! Well, where we live, there is a SUPER STEEP hill.. like ridiculously steep. I told saia to drop me off at the bottom and i was going to walk up to the top. Ok i swear after passing 2 houses i was DYING.. my poor large legs hadn't endured something like that for the longest time, but i just kept going! I figured since our house doesn't have stairs, a huge hill will forsure work! Once we got home, i bounced on my birthing ball a little and just hung out with Saia and lyric. Wednesday, we went for a long walk and still... nothing. I decided after doing tons of reading that i was just going to try the Castor Oil. After all, i had tried EVERYTHING suggested by friends and online.. and nothing had worked, so what did i have to loose? Some people say the castor oil works, some say it doesn't. Well it was 9:45, i blended together some ice cream, milk, (almost) 2tbsp of castor oil and banana baby food (because i didn't have any bananas!) and started to drink it. I took a sip and yes it was DISGUSTING! Tasted like i was eating lipstick or chapstick.. just horrible. After the first sip i felt like i peed on myself a little bit.. but nothing too much. Yes its gross, and i was SO embarassed that i didn't even tell saia (who was standing in the kitchen with me).. i just went to the room/bathroom and changed then came back. As i was going to take another sip, it happened again! Again, not a ton at all.. just a little bit but enough to be noticed. So i again went into the room/bathroom and changed. I kept thinking to myself "what if this is my water breaking?" but figured it wasn't. YES i was embarassed! Well back into the kitchen i went.. 2 changes of pants later! So i finished drinking the disgusting milkshake (that i chased with pepsi.. GROSS!!!!.. but it was the only carbonated thing we had in the house). I went into the livingroom and told saia i think i had peed on myself or something and told him how embarassed i was. He looked at me like i was crazy, which is exactly how i felt! I was texting with my sister in law telling her the same thing as i bounced on the big yoga ball while saia watched a movie. I felt like i was about to "pee" again, so i got up and as i walked (FAST!) out of the room i said saia i think something's wrong! Right as i got in the bathroom above the toilet, i felt a big gush. I tried to stop it as it came out, but that didn't work at all. So now i had 3 pairs of wet pants and no real explanation. I figured something was up with me.. either my water did infact break, OR i really WAS peeing on myself and i should probably be checked anyway considering that's not exactly normal. I told saia who told me to hurry and lets go because he had work the next day (haha!). Yes he was partially kidding. He did have work the next day but he was just super nervous, i could tell! Well i got in the shower and put on some sweats - let my mom know we were headed out so she could listen for lyric (who was thankfully sleeping!) and headed for the hospital. By the way i had a washcloth in my pants, for juuuuuust incase my water (or pee.. we didn't know at the time) decided to leak out again. It was only about 11pm at this point. We got to the hospital and all i could think about was the castor oil i had just chugged down, and how i hoped i didn't really pee all over myself. (As most of you know, castor oil is a laxative, so all i could think about was that if i WAS infact going into labor, would the castor oil "HAPPEN" during labor? i was terrified!!!!) Anyway, we get checked in and the sweet nurse checked if it was infact amniotic fluid that i was leaking.. the strip was BLUE! Which meant positive, my water had infact broken! However she said i still had a "bulging bag" so lots of water still inside of me. She informed me i was 5cm dialated already, too. I couldn't believe it! (With lyric, at 4 1/2 cm i was dying with pain!) Anyway, She hooked me up to the machines and kept asking "do you feel that contraction?" and i'd answer with.. no. I was having consistent contractions ever 4 minutes then about every 2, and i couldn't feel a single one! They came back and forth to check me, ask me if i wanted the epidural, etc. My dr eventually came and ruptured the rest of my water which gushed on out. I couldn't believe how much was left in there! When i was 7-8 cm dialated they again asked if i could feel anything and i let them know i couldn't. My dr suggested that since he ruptured my bag of waters, that if i did think i'd want the epidural that i got it soon because my contractions would probably start coming faster and become painful. I waited a little while then at 8cm i got the epidural. At that point i could feel the contractions, but still had them under control. For some reason, i did throw up while getting it put in, but felt fine after my stomach was empty. Anyway- Not even an hour later i was complete, 10 cm dialated! I could feel my contractions completely on my left side but nothing on my right. I just kept telling myself that women have done it before me and women will do it after me, so the faster i got through it the faster it'd be over!! Well, It was time to push. I started pushing (apparently so hard that i turned purple according to saia haha!)and 16 minutes later my little man was all the way out! I couldn't believe it. I was (and still am) SO PROUD of myself for going through with the successful VBAC! (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) I was so proud that i got him out in only 16 minutes, too! Oh and that the castor oil didn't "take effect" at all during my labor :) haha. ALL my prayers had been answered and i cannot thank the big man upstairs enough! Through him, all is possible! ;) I was in such shock of what had just happened when our baby was born. Saia, i could tell, was in shock too but so happy and proud. He was AMAZING during the whole thing, always telling me how good i was doing and how proud of me he was! Im so blessed to have him :) So anyway- 6lb 12oz and 20 inches long. Our little Luve had entered the world at 3:56am and we have loved him every second since. The recovery has been HEAVENLY compared to a c-section. I now understand why women are so passionate about VBAC's. I had two main reasons for not wanting another c-section. The first being that we want a large family, and i know that with each additional c section, the pregnancies come with so many risks for the mother and baby. & the second being that i didn't want a long recovery time in the hospital and out. I was so sad that i'd have to be in the hospital for 24 hours as it is, i didn't want that extended! I cried thinking about not being able to pick up lyric and hold her and play with her (if i had a c section). So again, im so so proud of myself for pushing through (literally! haha) and having our little prince VBAC.

Our little family of three is now a family of four and i feel so blessed! Im so grateful and definatly looking forward to all the additional blessings we'll receive while caring for Lyric and Luve.

By the way - His name is pronounced: noo-koo-loo-vay paul - ay - too - uh Vainuku :)



So today, i had my membranes stripped in *HOPES* that it'll move this whole pregnant/labor thing along a little quicker! Having your membranes stripped basically means having the amniotic sac seperated from your uterus wall. I read ALOT about it, and everyone is pretty 50/50 on it. Some said it hurt like craaaazy where as others said it feels about the same as a normal cervical exam that you get while pregnant. Well for me, it definatly did not hurt. It was a bit uncomfortable having someone's hand (the dr of course!) all the way in there, but there was no pain! And other than discomfort, the only thing i really could feel was the actual separation. It grossed me the heck out, just to feel it kind of tearing apart. Grossss!! So now i am anxiously awaiting these contractions that i just KNOW will begin to be consistent in the next 24 hours! :) haha

Waiting.. waiting.. waiting.

I'll keep you all posted. Hopefully our handsome little guy makes his grand entrance this weekend!!


New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!
So my goal of blogging more often didn't work too well. All i can say is "i'll try and be better!!"

Anyway - 2011 was great. I married the love of my life, we celebrated our daughters first birthday and awaited the arrival (still waiting!!) of our handsome little prince. Our family is definatly growing! I couldn't be more blessed. I have such a loving husband, and a wonderful family (mine and in-laws as well!) and the cutest little girl on the planet! Im so excited to see the changes this year will bring for us. Im excited for all the new adventures, big and small. I truly cannot wait to have this little boy and hopefully get back into shape QUICK! Summer (here in texas) is only 3-4 months away.. so i'll be doing my best to look better than i did this last year! ;)

I figure i should write down some goals i have for this new year, so that hopefully by the end of 2012, i have accomplished most of them if not ALL of them!
*Have a successful VBAC
*Be a better wife/mother - spend more time as a family!!
*Try atleast 3 "new" meals (recipe's) a week
*Get back into shape!
*Get more involved with Church, build my testimony and eventually be Sealed to my love!
*Find a family in need of a nanny/sitter and bring in some income for my family :)
*spend LESS time being unproductive (ONLINE!!!)
*Take lots of pictures and create lots of fun memories.
*Be there for others as much as i can
*Get out of debt & Save $$$$$
*Plan and take a fun vacation as a family

Notice the plan and take a fun vacation is at the end, AFTER get out of debt :) LUCKILY after tax season this year, i will be DEBT FREE! I cant wait for that :) Im truly so so excited for this year. It's 2012 - im not going to say "new year, new me" ... but i will try my hardest to make some great changes!!

(Here are a few pictures. Out of order - but from the last couple of months!)