I can never think of a clever/catchy title....

Heyyyyy!! So I'm posting this using our ipad, and though I LOVE this thing, it really is just NOT ideal for typing long posts or anything like that. It gets rather annoying actually! But until our laptop is fixed, this is what I'll use :)

Anyway! This past Saturday was our baby boys FIRST birthday! I'm still trying to process that he's a whole year old! Time sure has flown. Well, Saia's brother vikia joined us the night before, and Saturday was filled with RUGBY! I love being at Saia's games supporting him. Even during our dating days, it was something I truly loved. I've grown to love and respect that sport completely! It's so fun watching him engage in something he is so passionate about. He grew up playing rugby and I know he looks forward to the practices and games each week. Rugby truly is one of his greatest talents and I couldn't be more proud of him! So anyway after the loooong day of rugby, we headed to Green Mesquite BBQ in Austin, TX to share dinner and conversation with some of Saia's team mates. It was a fun time but I was SO ready to get my two tired babies home and in their beds! Once home we actually had cake and sang happy birthday to our handsome boy. He dug into his cake and was just absolutely LOVING being messy! We attempted to light a lantern and send it off with a wish for him, but the wind was just WAY too strong. Saia kept saying have faith haha but as soon as the lantern rose about 30 feet, the wind picked up and threw it down into a neighbors yard. TALK ABOUT A HEART ATTACK. I was so afraid of something catching fire but luckily that didn't happen. The kids has baths then went right to bed. It was such a busy day! I would love to upload pictures, but you see the way this ipad is setup, I CAN'T. Lol or at least I don't know how to quite yet!

On another note, I have 9 weeks left till I have this baby!! What the heck? Dear Father Time, please slow your roll.

Love, Andie.



I swear when I blog, it encourages me to go back and read what I wrote, even if just a few days before... and then I feel like writing some more! Not that I really have anything cool to talk about or document, BUT i'll figure something out! I'm kind of starting to realize that this blog is kinda like when i talk to myself in my head... actually it's exactly that. Except im documenting it. Ok that sounds pathetic, but as a stay at home mother with two kids, REALISTICALLY, you really do talk to yourself alot. Or atleast I do. There's my confession.

So as I sit here, LOUDLY crunching on this crushed ice, it makes me think back on my pregnancies. Before getting pregnant with lyric, i never chewed ice. Never. I even hated when other people would do it because it was SO loud and annoying, even with their mouth closed. Well, being pregnant with Luve and now this little guy, i CRAVE the hell out of it!!! Not that it has any taste, but just the coldness and crunchy-ness it has.. it's just perfect. If Saia and I are talking about it, my mouth will literally start to water and i'll have to get some from the freezer. I've read that it's due to a lack of Iron.. but I take my prenatal vitamins pretty religiously and still suffer this problem. It's not a problem to me though, it's just amazing. Im sure another pregnant person out there (current or prior) has experienced this same joy. Something that's kind of funny, too, is that both lyric and luve LOVE ice. When we crush it from the freezer crusher (you know, ice dispenser), we eat it SO much. They love it just as much as I do. Now that lyric talks, she asks for ice when I have some... and if i'm crunching, luve looks at me and makes little grunting sounds while moving his mouth around signaling that HELLO, he wants some too. What can I say? We're addicted. Saia thinks we have a problem.

Anyway - a conversation that came up the other night really cracked me up. Saia & I were talking about before we were married. Well we lived together, and I personally remember cooking often for him. I mean even before we had OUR own place, together. From my one bedroom apartment which I lived in when we met, to my townhome, and then our apartment together, I Just remember cooking for him often. Anyway apparently this guy remembers differently. I asked him "what did I used to cook at our old apartment?" and his answer? TUNA SANDWITCHES AND SOUP. hahah... i about died. (By the way, by SOUP he means the bowl of noodle you find next to Ramen in grocery stores.)


Thats all that kid remembers. WOW. I mean, it's true, we did eat that ALOT. Almost every day actually around lunch time because I craved it like crazy while pregnant with Luve. We would soak our sandwitches in that Sriacha sauce - you know, the spicy rooster sauce found at every chinese restaurant with the red bottle and green top? That one. I was seriously addicted! Anyway - the reason I asked him was because we were BROKE before getting married. Well no, not broke, but we definatly did spend our money on things that we dont anymore. (For example partying..) So we ate on a really limited budget! Well now I figure, if we did it then, why not try and do it now and be able to save a little more each month? I make pretty elaborate meals every. single. night. I've probably made him a sandwitch for dinner maybe... 4 times in the past year and a half? Not too shabby if you ask me! I'm always finding fun recipes on pinterest and putting my hands to work. So i thought, hmm, once or twice a week i'll go back to our old ghetto roots of whatever we ate before....

............and apparently thats Tuna sandwitches and Soup.


One fun bit of information for your info hungry little eyes is that Saia's little brother, Vikia, is coming to live with us!! When? TODAY! Haha. He served his mission just 3 hours away from us, in Houston, Texas, and returned to the family in Salt lake December 19th. Well not even a month later, he's headed back to Texas, but this time to live with us. I'm excited! I'm SO happy we'll have a little bit of our Vainuku family out here with us.. and HOPEFULLY that will bring us some visitors! (hint hint). But other than that, i'm excited for more Tongan to be spoken in our home, to benefit the kids (and me!). Lyric knows a bit already and says a few words. I'm so proud of her! With her learning, it helps me learn. No i'd never speak it (other than to my kids haha) but it's always good to understand, so when we go visit family, I atleast KIND of know what they are talking about.

Well that's about all for today. I need to continue cleaning and all of that, preparing for Uncle Vikia to arrive tonight! We are so excited :)


Happy New Year....

...9 days late. But better late than never, right? YES! This year is already going by so fast. Yes it's only 9 days in, but where have these 9 days gone? Wasn't it just Christmas? CRAZY. Well so far the year has been great! We spent Christmas with family here in Texas, namely my grandma and aunt (plus fam) that I haven't seen in years! It was so nice getting together, and introducing MY little family to them! That's always fun!

So to be honest, for the first time, i didn't really come up with any "new years resolutions"... I mean I already have goals, but saying "my new years resolution this year is ___________"... nope, never happened. I guess i can think of a few now, right? Well first off, I want to try not to loose my mind this year... haha. But on a serious note, I just want to better myself as a mother. Yes, yes... and a wife as well. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I really do feel like i'm a great wife, kind of the best! I spoil the heck out of Saia with love and cake. Yes cake. He craves it constantly when i'm pregnant, so im coooonstantly in the kitchen for this guy! But nothing makes me happier. Happy and GRATEFUL husband = happy wife!


Sure did! Yes we are expecting baby #3! And no we didn't just barely find out ;) We've known for months, and im due at the end of March! We've told family and a few friends, but due to my inactivity on facebook, hardly anyone else knows. We are excited though. We are having another little boy (crossing fingers still that he comes out a girl haha) and are SO excited to meet him! I really did want another little girl, but healthy babies are blessings. PERIOD. I cant wait to see him and all his fuzzy hair! Im assuming he's going to have lots like Lyric and Luve did, due to the fact i have constant heartburn! It sucks.

So other than a baby, i've been busy this year just having fun with the kids and wasting WAY too much time on Pinterest. I LOVE PINTEREST. PIN-A-HOLIC i am! Tonight I made this DELICIOUS Chicken Enchilada soup. It is truly so so good.. i feel like it could be served in a restaurant! But other than the taste, I think im having some kind of allergic reaction or whatever to SOMETHING. Im assuming it's the jalepeno's. After i cut them, my fingers kind of started to burn, AND THEY'RE STILL BURNING. It's been like 6 hours by the way. I've washed and washed, and the only relief I get is from putting them in cold water. I feel like there is heat coming off of them. There is no redness or anything like that, but they just burn, almost as if I got literally burned by something hot. Hot as in temp not spicy. I think they did burn me. And after this blog post, im heading over to pinterest to see what kind of crazy concoction i can find to soothe this pain!

Anyway - this post is ALL over the place, but thats just where my brain is these days. So onto the next subject, LUVE turns ONE this saturday!! Jan 12th, my baby will be 1! It's so crazy to me. Where did the year go? I literally remember every detail from when i had him... from the castor oil shake to the yoga ball to my water breaking and putting a wash cloth in my pants to save our car's seats.. haha! Luckily the hospital is like a 4 minute drive away, and thats only because of stop lights and stop signs. So yes, he will be a year! I've always heard that boys are slower at developing than girls, but was SURE my boy wouldn't be! .....wrong. I was so wrong. Lyric at 1 was running, dancing, clapping her hands, etc. This little guy is still a baby! I mean, he stands on his own without support, and does other cute things, but he is NO WHERE near as "ahead of the game" as she was. No way near at all. I give it another 1-2 months before he starts walking. When he holds our fingers to walk, he does a good job and does it mainly on his own without using us too much for support, but he can crawl faster. He likes to be fast! He's SUCH a mommy's boy and I LOVE IT. Lyric has been all about her daddy from the start. Sure she loves me and kisses/hugs me, but she's not a cuddler or anything of that sort at all. But Luve? This little guy is all about ME! Well, until his dad walks in the room or comes home for work. They love their daddy and he adores them even more. I really am blessed. Life is great right where it's at. We are constantly progressing as a family (not just by popping out babies haha) and I just love it. I'm lucky.. a very very lucky girl.

SO I dont have much else to record (that i can think of at this moment), and I should probably go check on lyric since she's been in her bed yelling mommmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for the past 10 minutes as i've written this post. That child thinks her bed time is midnight, i swear! She used to be SO good at going to bed at 8:30... then one day we had a late nap and she's been off track ever since! I'm working on it. Praise the Lord Luve has been an excellent sleeper since just a few months old. If he wasn't, i'd loose it. That reminds me, I was supposed to come up with a few new year resolutions, then got WAY off track. So here they are, to close the post :) 1.be a better mother 2.become more organized 3.stop giving a damn what other people think.. 4.and stop trying to impress anyone but myself and my family. THE END! ;)