Blogging FAIL.

I can't believe it's been two months since I blogged! Where the hell have I been and what have I been doing? Oh you're wondering the same? Lets recap then.

So honestly I don't know what the past two months have been like... Because I can't even remember two days ago. Yes it's that serious. I CAN tell you, though, what last week was like! We were in Utah visiting Saia's side of our family. It was a blast! We were there for 7 days and it truly felt like only two. We were busy busy the whole time which was perfect for us. We got in Wednesday, Thursday was our oldest nephew Noah's graduation followed by a dance in his honor that night. The music was SOOOOO loud it was crazy. My poor children. Saia walked around with his thumbs covering Vita's ears so he wouldn't be deaf! Other than that, the food was good and company was even better. We had fun! I have no idea what happened Friday, but Saturday we had day 1 of our family reunion and it was s fun as always. We played games, had relay races, had our husbands lick whipped cream off our faces, went swimming, etc. unfortunately I got sunburned! Oh and I can't forget that we ate a ton. Or at least I did. Who can turn down delicious Tongan food & BBQ? Exactly. After all of that, a few of us couples left the kids with their grandma and grandpa (and aunts lome!) and went bowling! It was so fun until they kicked us out for no reason at all. What a bunch of jerks. Saia and I decided to go have some alone time and relax at a hotel for the night. It was a perfect night spent together. With three kids and his busy schedule, we RARELY get uninterrupted time alone, so it was such a great to be able to have that. We've decided to try and do that once a month. :) 

Anyway, Sunday we went to church with the whole family. My mother and father in law gave talks as well as my sister in law Lome who is awaiting her mission call! Everything was in Tongan, so I only understood bits and pieces, but saia later told me about the talks and I loved them all. Especially he one my mother in law gave on marriage. We headed to the temple for family pictures, then to Soana's house to eat and just hang out. My poor luve was soooo whiney. He got sick somehow and is teething as well, so he just wasn't a very happy camper. Monday we hung out with family, went to eat with a bunch of them then I headed home with Soana while saia and Noah went to hang out with Mapa Si'i. We left early Tuesday morning and are so glad to be home and back in a routine, but miss everyone so much. I always look forward to our trips out there. I love the kids being able to play with their cousins and for saia and I to make more memories.

So that was our trip! Now I have a screaming baby on the floor who hates tummy time so I've got to run!

Until next time....