Big Number Two

Hello Hello :)

Well, my babygirl is now TWO months old! I cant hardly believe how much she is growing and how she's been learning so much. She now smiles and has cute little babbling conversations with me. She mimicks me, too! Oh how we love love love her. Im back at work now, just working part time from 6am - 12:30 and it's just perfect. She sleeps till about 10ish so only knows she's without me for two hours. Im SO blessed to have Saia's family who so willingly watches her each day when Saia isn't able to. Lyric had her 2 month check up a week and a half before she turned 2 months and was 10lb 13oz and 23 inches long! She got 5 shots but is such a trooper. She cried a little during the shots but once they were over she was a happy camper and fell right asleep. Im so lucky to have her forever & to be able to watch her grow each day <3>