New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!
So my goal of blogging more often didn't work too well. All i can say is "i'll try and be better!!"

Anyway - 2011 was great. I married the love of my life, we celebrated our daughters first birthday and awaited the arrival (still waiting!!) of our handsome little prince. Our family is definatly growing! I couldn't be more blessed. I have such a loving husband, and a wonderful family (mine and in-laws as well!) and the cutest little girl on the planet! Im so excited to see the changes this year will bring for us. Im excited for all the new adventures, big and small. I truly cannot wait to have this little boy and hopefully get back into shape QUICK! Summer (here in texas) is only 3-4 months away.. so i'll be doing my best to look better than i did this last year! ;)

I figure i should write down some goals i have for this new year, so that hopefully by the end of 2012, i have accomplished most of them if not ALL of them!
*Have a successful VBAC
*Be a better wife/mother - spend more time as a family!!
*Try atleast 3 "new" meals (recipe's) a week
*Get back into shape!
*Get more involved with Church, build my testimony and eventually be Sealed to my love!
*Find a family in need of a nanny/sitter and bring in some income for my family :)
*spend LESS time being unproductive (ONLINE!!!)
*Take lots of pictures and create lots of fun memories.
*Be there for others as much as i can
*Get out of debt & Save $$$$$
*Plan and take a fun vacation as a family

Notice the plan and take a fun vacation is at the end, AFTER get out of debt :) LUCKILY after tax season this year, i will be DEBT FREE! I cant wait for that :) Im truly so so excited for this year. It's 2012 - im not going to say "new year, new me" ... but i will try my hardest to make some great changes!!

(Here are a few pictures. Out of order - but from the last couple of months!)

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