Nukuluve Paletu'a Vainuku

He's here, healthy.. and we love him!! He was born 1/12/12 at 3:56am 6lb 12oz and 20 inches of perfection! I want to document down my labor story (like most moms do!) so that i dont forget any small details as time passes.

Tuesday I called my dr to try and change my appt from thursday (the 12th) to that day (tuesday) in hopes of getting my membranes stripped ONE last time and hopefully something happening! I was so determined to not have a c-section. So we got in that day, had the procedure done, and went home! Well, where we live, there is a SUPER STEEP hill.. like ridiculously steep. I told saia to drop me off at the bottom and i was going to walk up to the top. Ok i swear after passing 2 houses i was DYING.. my poor large legs hadn't endured something like that for the longest time, but i just kept going! I figured since our house doesn't have stairs, a huge hill will forsure work! Once we got home, i bounced on my birthing ball a little and just hung out with Saia and lyric. Wednesday, we went for a long walk and still... nothing. I decided after doing tons of reading that i was just going to try the Castor Oil. After all, i had tried EVERYTHING suggested by friends and online.. and nothing had worked, so what did i have to loose? Some people say the castor oil works, some say it doesn't. Well it was 9:45, i blended together some ice cream, milk, (almost) 2tbsp of castor oil and banana baby food (because i didn't have any bananas!) and started to drink it. I took a sip and yes it was DISGUSTING! Tasted like i was eating lipstick or chapstick.. just horrible. After the first sip i felt like i peed on myself a little bit.. but nothing too much. Yes its gross, and i was SO embarassed that i didn't even tell saia (who was standing in the kitchen with me).. i just went to the room/bathroom and changed then came back. As i was going to take another sip, it happened again! Again, not a ton at all.. just a little bit but enough to be noticed. So i again went into the room/bathroom and changed. I kept thinking to myself "what if this is my water breaking?" but figured it wasn't. YES i was embarassed! Well back into the kitchen i went.. 2 changes of pants later! So i finished drinking the disgusting milkshake (that i chased with pepsi.. GROSS!!!!.. but it was the only carbonated thing we had in the house). I went into the livingroom and told saia i think i had peed on myself or something and told him how embarassed i was. He looked at me like i was crazy, which is exactly how i felt! I was texting with my sister in law telling her the same thing as i bounced on the big yoga ball while saia watched a movie. I felt like i was about to "pee" again, so i got up and as i walked (FAST!) out of the room i said saia i think something's wrong! Right as i got in the bathroom above the toilet, i felt a big gush. I tried to stop it as it came out, but that didn't work at all. So now i had 3 pairs of wet pants and no real explanation. I figured something was up with me.. either my water did infact break, OR i really WAS peeing on myself and i should probably be checked anyway considering that's not exactly normal. I told saia who told me to hurry and lets go because he had work the next day (haha!). Yes he was partially kidding. He did have work the next day but he was just super nervous, i could tell! Well i got in the shower and put on some sweats - let my mom know we were headed out so she could listen for lyric (who was thankfully sleeping!) and headed for the hospital. By the way i had a washcloth in my pants, for juuuuuust incase my water (or pee.. we didn't know at the time) decided to leak out again. It was only about 11pm at this point. We got to the hospital and all i could think about was the castor oil i had just chugged down, and how i hoped i didn't really pee all over myself. (As most of you know, castor oil is a laxative, so all i could think about was that if i WAS infact going into labor, would the castor oil "HAPPEN" during labor? i was terrified!!!!) Anyway, we get checked in and the sweet nurse checked if it was infact amniotic fluid that i was leaking.. the strip was BLUE! Which meant positive, my water had infact broken! However she said i still had a "bulging bag" so lots of water still inside of me. She informed me i was 5cm dialated already, too. I couldn't believe it! (With lyric, at 4 1/2 cm i was dying with pain!) Anyway, She hooked me up to the machines and kept asking "do you feel that contraction?" and i'd answer with.. no. I was having consistent contractions ever 4 minutes then about every 2, and i couldn't feel a single one! They came back and forth to check me, ask me if i wanted the epidural, etc. My dr eventually came and ruptured the rest of my water which gushed on out. I couldn't believe how much was left in there! When i was 7-8 cm dialated they again asked if i could feel anything and i let them know i couldn't. My dr suggested that since he ruptured my bag of waters, that if i did think i'd want the epidural that i got it soon because my contractions would probably start coming faster and become painful. I waited a little while then at 8cm i got the epidural. At that point i could feel the contractions, but still had them under control. For some reason, i did throw up while getting it put in, but felt fine after my stomach was empty. Anyway- Not even an hour later i was complete, 10 cm dialated! I could feel my contractions completely on my left side but nothing on my right. I just kept telling myself that women have done it before me and women will do it after me, so the faster i got through it the faster it'd be over!! Well, It was time to push. I started pushing (apparently so hard that i turned purple according to saia haha!)and 16 minutes later my little man was all the way out! I couldn't believe it. I was (and still am) SO PROUD of myself for going through with the successful VBAC! (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) I was so proud that i got him out in only 16 minutes, too! Oh and that the castor oil didn't "take effect" at all during my labor :) haha. ALL my prayers had been answered and i cannot thank the big man upstairs enough! Through him, all is possible! ;) I was in such shock of what had just happened when our baby was born. Saia, i could tell, was in shock too but so happy and proud. He was AMAZING during the whole thing, always telling me how good i was doing and how proud of me he was! Im so blessed to have him :) So anyway- 6lb 12oz and 20 inches long. Our little Luve had entered the world at 3:56am and we have loved him every second since. The recovery has been HEAVENLY compared to a c-section. I now understand why women are so passionate about VBAC's. I had two main reasons for not wanting another c-section. The first being that we want a large family, and i know that with each additional c section, the pregnancies come with so many risks for the mother and baby. & the second being that i didn't want a long recovery time in the hospital and out. I was so sad that i'd have to be in the hospital for 24 hours as it is, i didn't want that extended! I cried thinking about not being able to pick up lyric and hold her and play with her (if i had a c section). So again, im so so proud of myself for pushing through (literally! haha) and having our little prince VBAC.

Our little family of three is now a family of four and i feel so blessed! Im so grateful and definatly looking forward to all the additional blessings we'll receive while caring for Lyric and Luve.

By the way - His name is pronounced: noo-koo-loo-vay paul - ay - too - uh Vainuku :)

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