So today, i had my membranes stripped in *HOPES* that it'll move this whole pregnant/labor thing along a little quicker! Having your membranes stripped basically means having the amniotic sac seperated from your uterus wall. I read ALOT about it, and everyone is pretty 50/50 on it. Some said it hurt like craaaazy where as others said it feels about the same as a normal cervical exam that you get while pregnant. Well for me, it definatly did not hurt. It was a bit uncomfortable having someone's hand (the dr of course!) all the way in there, but there was no pain! And other than discomfort, the only thing i really could feel was the actual separation. It grossed me the heck out, just to feel it kind of tearing apart. Grossss!! So now i am anxiously awaiting these contractions that i just KNOW will begin to be consistent in the next 24 hours! :) haha

Waiting.. waiting.. waiting.

I'll keep you all posted. Hopefully our handsome little guy makes his grand entrance this weekend!!

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